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Automobile Cost & Comparison Calculator

This calculator will help you to compute the REAL cost of buying and owning a vehicle and will help you compare two different buying scenarios. When buying a car most people fail to consider ALL of the expenses that will be generated by their purchase (depreciation rates, interest rates, purchase prices, insurance costs, mpg ratings, etc.), making it difficult to compare one buying scenario with another.

INSTRUCTIONS: To calculate the cost of buying and owning one particular vehicle, click on the "Single Scenario Calculation" radio button, fill in the left-hand column with the vehicle data and then click the "Compute Purchase & Ownership Costs" button.

To compare buying and owning one vehicle with another, click on the "Double Scenario Calculation" radio button, fill in the both columns with each vehicle's data and then click the "Compute Purchase & Ownership Costs" button. If both vehicles have similar data, you can fill in the first column with the "Single Scenario Calculation" radio button selected, and then click on the "Copy Scenerio #1 Entries to Scenario #2" button to fill in the right-hand column (be sure to switch to the "Double Scenario Calculation"). Then just change any cells that are different before computing.

Single Scenario Calculation Double Scenario Calculation
Vehicle Descriptions Vehicle
Enter the total price of the vehicle, including options:
Enter the applicable sales-tax percentage:
Enter the annual cost of licensing this vehicle:
Enter the cost of the extended warranty, if applicable:
Will you be financing this vehicle?:
Enter the amount of your down-payment:
Enter the financing rate (Annual Percentage Rate):
Enter the number of months financed:
Enter annual insurance premium:
Enter the number of miles you expect to drive this car per year:
Enter the vehicle's estimated Miles Per Gallon rating:
Enter the local cost of one gallon of gasoline:
How many years old is the car?:
How many years do you expect to own this car?:
Enter an estimated monthly maintenance and repair cost:
Stop here after completing the above and click the 'Compute' button to view results.

The results below are totals for the number of years you expect to own the vehicle.

Vehicle Costs Vehicle
Tax, License, and Extended Warranty Costs:
Depreciation Costs:
Finance Costs:
Insurance Costs:
Fuel Costs:
Maintenance & Repair Costs:
Total cost of buying and owning the car:
Annual cost to own and operate this vehicle:
Cost per mile:

NOTE: This calculator is intended to provide general estimates for informational purposes only. It is NOT intended as a disclosure or offer of credit. Lender calculations and your actual payments may vary.

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